The Growth Of The IT Industry

IT is one of the largest and fastest growing industries. This is due to the technological advancements brought by the IT industry and the interest in generated among the people. Further IT services have becoming a mandatory requirement in am businesses. It is an industry than began a few decades ago and ended up becoming one of the largest. The largest IT companies today, began with only a few people and limited resources. Over the years they have grown to become highly successful. The 80s and 90s was a time when people were curious of computers and devices. This curiosity enabled the industry to reach many people and to become an integral part of our everyday lives. IT started growing when computers were available for commercial use. As businesses relied on it, people used it for various things. Operating systems as we use today were designed during the time. They were basic but ultimately got the job done. After the internet became mainstream, the IT industry was what that directly benefited from it. Internet bases companies grew and started dominating the industry. From warehouses and pallet racking to enterprise solutions and fast internet, IT has benefitted all of us.The largest companies today such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon were all quite small companies. Apple for example was found in a garage. Despite the limitation, they built a product that was not only popular at the time, it was very useful for businesses. Over time, the company went through many ups and downs but today, Apple is the most valuable company in the world. It has been stated that Apple would be the first company to be valued at 1 trillion dollars. This is a significant achievement for a company that began in a garage.

Another successful company is Amazon. Started by Jeff Bezos to merely sell books, the company expanded after Bezos saw the opportunity to grow. As the selling of books became highly profitable, many other items were being added to the website. Today, Amazon is the largest retailer in the world with many things for sale, ranging from TV’s, DVD players, pallet racking for sale, laptops on discounts, jewellery and so on.IT has become so involved in our lives that we use it all the time. The industry has grown so much that the smartphone we use today, is more powerful than the computers that were built less than a decade ago. We are in a phase where the industry is becoming more and more efficient. As smartphones and devices are at nearly optimal levels required to run the tasks we need as of yet, all these devices are made to be more power efficient. Since the industry took a turn to portable devices, battery life and efficiency has become important.

The industry will continue to grow. The future holds many advances and surprises for us. With research in many areas, we are bound to further enjoy what the IT industry has to offer.